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To dedicate its resources towards service and upliftment of the underprivileged rural population

To ensure conducive atmosphere and to offer equal opportunities to all students enabling them to acquire knowledge and skills of international standard.

To motivate the academic faculty to meet the ever increasing challenges in the era of liberalization, privatization and globalization and to provide quality education to its students

To offer all-round personality-development oriented education by making it learner-centered, provide continuous education to all students with necessary skills and specializations that would match the needs of the industry sector and global market

To provide all the necessary inputs to its students to enable them to meet the challenges with courage and fortitude and the changing needs of the society

To transform the student who enter this “Temple of Learning”, into highly motivated and matured professionals, and above all, humane and responsible citizens of the nation.


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Inspiring the present student-teachers by detailing the different channels of job opportunity.

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